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Hello Ladies,

My name is Sheree, I help ladies 35+ kick start their health and fitness so they feel confident in the clothes, have more energy, feel healthy and happy without feeling intimidated in a commercial gym.

Here at Sevenoaks Dance Fitness yoga we know that how we feel about ourselves emotionally can get in the way of what we see physically and it’s what can prevent us from realising our full potential. At Sevenoaks Dance Fitness Yoga we change this negative mind-set. We show you that fitness is not just about improving body image – it’s also the key to feeling happier and more positive.

We believe that life is for living so we help you find ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, without the fear of missing out on what you enjoy. All of this comes joined together by the support of an amazing group of ladies who too, are working towards their own health goals.

I got into the fitness industry late in my years having previously worked in finance and used exercise to help me rehabilitate from work related stress to feel good, build confidence and self esteem.

I realised that there were many other ladies like me looking for something to help them feel better and so I trained to become a personal trainer and then continued learning to be certified to teach yoga, pilates, dance, exercise for lower back pain, postural stability, obesity, diabetes, exercise for older adults, GP referral for specific conditions and many more to help other ladies like me.

Years on and “Sevenoaks Dance Fitness Yoga” is helping ladies feel gorgeous using the power of exercise, lifestyle and group support. A balanced lifestyle.

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